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eCommerce Chatbots: The Complete Guide 2023

ecommerce chatbot

Different chatbots offer different features that can address both. Patrón, part of the Bacardi umbrella of companies is a brand of premium tequila products. They are known for their customer experience and wanted to inspire more customers to try out new drinks over the summer.

ecommerce chatbot

The first step is to take stock of what you need your chatbot to do for your business and customers. Tinka is still operational and is one of the longest-running eCommerce chatbots – a testament to the technology’s viability in the long-run. In 2016, Domino’s introduced Dom, the Pizza Bot, a chatbot that could take your orders – through voice as well. It’s a great chatbot that works with Facebook Messenger, Slack, WhatsApp, Apple Watch, and a few other platforms. With a clever campaign during the launch of their AirMax Day shoes, Nike increased its average CTR by 12.5 times and the conversions by 4 times.

Boost your customer engagement with a WhatsApp chatbot!

You calculate it by taking the number of people who completed the desired action after seeing an offer and dividing that number by the total number of people who saw the offer. You can also integrate with an API to recommend items, book ahead, or add any other details you want to your chatbot. Even free FAQ templates are available, which you can display when an AI chatbot is currently interacting with a customer. Discover the key questions to ask when scheduling a chatbot demo.

  • Chatbots are a great way to capture visitor intent and use the data to personalize your marketing campaigns.
  • Thus, this eliminates the need to wait for assistance from a human agent for seeking answers about your product.
  • Chatfuel is one of many chatbot examples that free you from all coding duties.
  • To get the quote and receive a rough estimation, fill in the contact form and we will contact you ASAP.
  • Like what you’re hearing about Generative AI from Tyler and Harrison?
  • Plus, message history is retained in one inbox, no matter which channel the customer is using.

You can also link a chatbot with the loyalty program, so it will suggest rewards and exclusive offers to loyal customers. The chatbot would ask the customer about the necessary product and then send the link with this product to your e-commerce website. This way, a bot decreases the number of steps the customer takes in the sales funnel. For instance, 30% of online shoppers prefer making purchases from social networks, such as Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

Step 1: Identify common customer queries

An E-commerce chatbot is a fully automated conversational interface that can hold conversations with potential customers to capture and pre-qualify leads. There are many benefits that conversational commerce provides for eCommerce companies. First, having a chatbot saves operation costs, allowing customers to quickly get answers to their questions and not have long wait times. ECommerce chatbot tools should be user-friendly and provide customer support for every user. Chatbots should be accessible for both technical and non-technical users. Integrating bots on your website is an easy way to market your products and brand to potential customers.

  • An eCommerce chatbot messenger can swoop in, respond to the most frequent queries, and let your agents handle the complex ones!
  • Lidl’s Winebot Margot is an AI chatbot that recommends different wines to users by catching keywords in their messages, everything from price and grape to taste and region.
  • With CINNOX, businesses can leverage advanced chatbot artificial intelligence and machine learning capabilities to improve customer engagement and satisfaction.
  • WhatsApp chatbot for e-commerce assists users in automating the sales process.
  • If you have several staff members in your customer service team, this will help improve efficiency.
  • Ada also has machine learning and client data protection capabilities.

These chatterbots also link to products on the site and serve as personal stylists for stay-at-home clients. Talks about robots replacing up to 800 million workers by 2030 aren’t new. Though Boston Dynamics videos impress billions of viewers around the world, the materialization of plots of Westworld and Humans series still seems to be the dim and distant future. This is about chatbots, and computer programs conducting conversations via auditory and text messages.


Chatbots can make user communication more effective and interesting. If we consider any business and its goal, the best examples of chatbots we will mention below may carry out a bunch of tasks. For example, give answers, send offers and deals, provide recommendations based on the client experience, show updates, and just be a friend to play jokes. Just like a messaging chatbot, Amelia offers personalized customer service, with the ability to offer suggestions and process transactions.

ecommerce chatbot

You need to be available to your customers, at all times and provide quick resolution. As you scale your online store, this combination becomes more challenging to achieve. You can send automated triggers whenever the prospect is about to abandon their cart. This will give you an opportunity to not persuade them to complete the purchase but also to understand the reason why they don’t want to proceed with the purchase at the time. They can also provide real-time assistance to customers during their payment process. Chatbots are increasingly becoming the go-to solution for businesses looking to improve their eCommerce experience.

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You can literally find almost anything you’re searching for, but sometimes scrolling through pages of listings can seem daunting. The virtual agent messenger bot helps shoppers find the best deals and products. The best metadialog.coms are focused on saving time and energy for the customer, and ShopBot does this efficiently with every interaction. In a way, eCommerce businesses don’t just sell products to their customers. Instead, they educate them about the product and keep it alive in their memory. They engage visitors using interactive tools, such as Images, gifs, videos, and audio.

ecommerce chatbot

Additionally, for order fulfillment chatbots help with seamless order processing, minimizing shopping cart abandonment, and keeping your customer up-to-date on shipping status. Further for post-sales, chatbots can help with returns processing, solitating positive customer reviews, and gather customer information to assist with repeat business. In the past, many companies implemented chatbots primarily to cut costs, often at the expense of delivering subpar customer service. The core question regarding chatbots today is, “Can Chatbots Do It Better? ” Particularly with AI-powered chatbots, the answer increasingly suggests that chatbots can indeed enhance the overall customer experience. One of the best examples of chatbots in e-commerce is eBay ShopBot.

Statistics Behind the Best Examples of AI Chatbots

With an eCommerce AI chatbot, businesses can get easy access to information such as, how many users visit the website. This serves to be useful because visiting users don’t just add to the traffic but businesses must engage them so they become potential buyers. WhatsApp has over 390 million users in India alone and with the launch of WhatsApp Business API, ecommerce businesses now have an opportunity to tap into this user base for marketing.

In addition to the above-discussed metrics, The user stats section gives businesses a combined list of analytics of user engagement. It displays the duration of the bot conversation for the average sessions per day, average incoming messages per user, and more. This way, you can reduce the impact of bad marketing via AI chatbots.

Customer feedback boosts click-through

After narrowing down the customer tastes, the chatbot makes personalized recommendations according to unique style preferences. E-commerce chatbots are able to clarify all customer doubts by providing 24/7 support. Your customers would no longer suffer from annoying calls and scroll endless FAQ sections. Moreover, with bots for buying online, you eliminate the human factor. As we know, humans react on the basis of their emotions and mood. That way, a representative of your online shop would always be in a good mood and talk to customers in a good way.

ecommerce chatbot

With this technology, e-commerce is becoming faster, easier, and more convenient than ever before. If you’re looking for a more efficient and convenient way to communicate with your buyers, then Viber’s chatbot tools are the perfect solution. Viber has been revolutionizing the way businesses communicate with their customers for the last 7 years.

Conversational Forms for ChatBot

Therefore, a versatile tool like an ecommerce chatbot comes to the rescue and takes matters into its own hands!. This chatbot offers real-time assistance to users who land on your website. Thus, this eliminates the need to wait for assistance from a human agent for seeking answers about your product.

  • As a result, you’ll be fully equipped to provide superior customer service and experiences across all of your customers’ favorite channels.
  • Customer support costs are the expenses you incur for providing customer service.
  • Customers want to purchase and communicate with an eCommerce company via chat because it provides such a better and more effective way to find the answers they need.
  • They also provide a lot of chatbot examples you could use in creating your own.
  • Use these insights to improve your website structure, user flow, and checkout experience.
  • Freddy can respond automatically to numerous customer queries, and many customers interact with the bot before speaking to a human customer support representative.